• Easy to plan
    • Easy to take home
      • Many door styles in stock
      • White cabinets in stock
      • Flat pack
      • Pick list available
    • Easy to assemble
      • Pre-assembled at 80%
    • Easy to install
      • Step-by-step guide
      • Adjustable legs

Kitchen and bathroom Innovation

open wide the door to a new day

Who is Innovation:
Innovation is a sub brand of Fabritec kitchen. Fabritec is a family base company founded in 1983 by Clovis Bourgeois. We have 350 employees throughout 4 different plants. We manufacture kitchen and bathroom cabinetry from laminated to thermofoil and different type of wood.

Innovation collection: Imagine yourself in your new kitchen or bathroom, a picture of your wildest dreams. With the INNOVATION collection and its affordable prices, everything is now possible.

The versatility of the INNOVATION modular system will allow you to maximize the functionality of the space available and the broad range of models will allow you to create the perfect look.

Right Style

We have designed a wide range of trendy and attractive door styles to appeal to your exquisite taste. You can mix and match styles and colors; nothing can stop your creativity.

Right product

Our versatile modular system allows over 500 different cabinet combinations for kitchens and bathrooms. Fulfill your wildest dreams

Right price

With our impressive purchasing power we have the leverage to offer you the highest quality cabinetry and hardware, all at the lowest price possible and covered by a 25-year limited warranty.

Right now

Most of the door styles and all sizes of white cabinets are in stock at your local retail outlet. Non-stock door styles and cabinets with interior colors are to be ordered with fast delivery.